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Welcome to The Healing Vine. This is a safe place to ask questions and receive professional answers. Hi, my name is Junie and if you would like to ask questions about psychopaths, victimization, healing and recovery you are at the right place.

Just Released - SURVIVING EVIL

Available Worldwide in Over 140 Countries at your Favoirte Online Bookseller

How do we survive in this jungle so infested with predators?
Ten percent of psychopaths will kill you; the other ninety percent will watch you kill yourself.
This book contains additional information regarding the true story "A Sociopath Beside Me" through the readers specific requests.
It also contains updated information on the victims circumstances today and the current status of the recently apprehended perpetrator.



a monthly poem of inspiration

I thank you for the sun's warm rays
the clouds above and rainy days
I thank you for the open seas
butterflies, trees, and the rustle of leaves
I thank you for the mountains so high
the twinkling stars and moonlit skies
I thank you for the flower's blooms
intoxicating aromas, natures perfume
I thank you for the voice to speak
ears to listen and eyes to seek
I thank you for the tears to cry
the gift of touch and lullabies
I thank you for my heart that sings
I thank you Lord for everything
As I look around me
at the many things I dearly love
on bended knee, I remember to appreciate
and to thank the Lord above



Member of the Springfield Society Poets and Writers Society


Please feel free to ask questions and I will do my best to respond quickly. As with any life threatening emergency please call 911. Please remember, there are numerous nonprofit organizations that can help. You are never alone.